Deepcar Brass Band 
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Keep up to date with the bands forthcoming engagements:


Date Location Time
20th May 2017 Deepcar Community Hall Open Day All day
26th May 2017 Maltby - The Wesley Centre 19:30
3rd June 2017 Crosspool Concert 19:00
9th June 2017 Whit Friday Marches 16:00
18th June 2017 Fox Valley Concert 14:00
1st July 2017 Bolsterstone Gala 14:00
7th July 2017 Broomhead Show Setup Evening
8th July 2017 Broomhead Show Setup Morning
9th July 2017 Broomhead Show (Show starts at 12 noon) All day
14th October 2017 Private Event (Wedding)
5th November 2017 Bracken Moor Charity Event
12th November 2017 Stocksbridge Remembrance Parade 09:30
17th November 2017 Stocksbridge & Fox Valley Christmas Lights Early Evening
17th November 2017 Wentworth Garden Centre Afternoon
2nd December 2017 Smithymoor Community Centre 19:30
5th December 2017 Bents Green Friendship 13:30
5th December 2017 Wentworth Garden Centre Evening
8th December 2017 Firth Park Church 18:30
9th December 2017 Ecclesfield Gatty Hall. Carol Concert 19:00
13th December 2017 Braken Moor Sports Club 20:00
17th December 2017 Fox Valley Concert
18th December 2017 Tapton Masonic Hall 21:00
19th December 2017 The Venue. Christmas concert with Waldershelf Singers 19:30
26th December 2017 Boxing Day Carols Early Afternoon