Deepcar Brass Band 


Deepcar Brass Band are a Yorkshire 4th Section band, who believe in the fundamentals of teaching brass instruments and music to everyone young and old. We are always looking for people to join us whatever level of experience they have and we want to keep banding enjoyable and most of all FUN!


Deepcar Brass Band was formed in 1988 as a training band for local youngsters. A founder member of the band persuaded a group of his colleagues from Deepcar Police Station to take part in a sponsored walk and the £545 they raised was enough to start the band. From those early days when the founders begged and borrowed ancient instruments, we have progressed to a well equipped band mainly due the enthusiasm of members and local community support.

Whilst we are no longer a training band, it remains the band policy to encourage and train new players through an active training programme and our players now encompass a wide range in age and experience.

In 2007 under the musical direction of Gavin Somerset we registered in the 4th Section and competed at the Area competitions in Bradford in 2008.

In 2008 we obtained charitable status. Our registration number is 1125454.

In 2010 we appointed Lindon Bolt as Musical Director.

In 2016 we appointed Cathryn Rogers as a new Musical Director and we hope to move onwards and upwards under her direction.

In 2018 at the Yorkshire region contest we gained promotion to the 3rd section.

Training Band

Deepcar training band is open to players of all age and ability; from someone picking up an instrument for the very first time in their life, or a player who is returning to playing a brass instrument following a break, or an experienced player who just wants to 'give something back' and get involved to pass on their knowledge and help new players develop and progress.

We have plenty of instruments available, and tuition is also available - please get in touch with the band for more details, or come along to a rehearsal on Monday evenings at 6.15pm


Deepcar Band rehearse in Deepcar Village Hall on Mondays 7.15pm - 9.15pm & Fridays 7.15pm - 9.15pm and the training band rehearse on Mondays 6.00pm - 7.10pm

The rehearsal room address is: Deepcar Village Hall, Helliwell Lane, Deepcar, S36 2QH. (Google Map)